Fandom and Neomedia Studies

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Part of fandom and neomedia studies is not simply an appreciation but an active contribution to the field.  The links on this page are a mix of informative videos, free online courses, documentaries of interest, and other information for people interested in getting a start in a media field.  If you have any suggested additions, please send us a note on the Contact Us page.  This list will be forever expanding so check back often for updates.

  1. Open Education Database OEDb: Open Courses in Engineering and Computer Science
  2. MIT Open Courseware, MIT has published educational material from all of its courses freely and openly on the internet
  3. Perfection Zero: A Cosplay Documentary by Kenneth Davis
  4. The Phoenix Papers, our own interdisciplinary journal of fandom and neomedia studies
  5. FANS Conference on Twitter
  6. Cinephile, the University of British Columbia’s Film Journal
  7. Popular Culture Resources 2nd Ed., our own fandom and neomedia studies bibliography
  8. Helen McCarthy’s blog, a sometimes irreverent and always delightful look at all things Japan
  9. The Asia-Pacific Journal, Critical in-depth analysis of the forces shaping the Asia-Pacific
  10. Harvard Asia-Pacific Review, a semi-annual academic journal devoted to capturing he vital pulse of the Asia-Pacific region
  11. Fan Studies Bibliography, a themed research bibliography for fandom and media studies
  12. Online Bibliography of Anime and Manga Research, a research resource for anime and manga fandom
  13. Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien, the German Institute for Japan Studies (much of the site is available in English translation)
  14. Law and the Multiverse, a blog on the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book tropes, characters, and powers
  15. Omni Magazine Archives, print publication 1978-95 and online 1995-98
  16. Open Culture, a site filled with free books, concerts, courses, , documentaries, and other fun media resources
  17. Top Documentary Films, a collection of documentaries on various topics
  18. Internet Archive, a Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, and Music
  19. Science Fiction Studies, a journal published by DePauw University
  20. Participations: International Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, a journal devoted to the study of cultural and media audiences
  21. Arxiv, open access to all manner of research
  22. PLOS One, an open access journal of original research
  23. DPLA, Digital Public Library of America
  24. Newberry Digital Collections for the Classroom, an online archive of ready made media resources for educators
  25. Haiku Society of America, an organization to encourage the writing and appreciation of haiku in English
  26. Coursera, free online courses in myriad topics
  27. Refractory: A Journal of Entertainment Media, by the University of Melbourne
  28. The Comics Journal, self-explanatory and self-awesome
  29. Social Justice in Spandex, Exploring issues of identity, power, oppression, and liberation in superhero comics
  30. Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies, a biannual publication dedicated to gothic and horror in media
  31. Studien über Fantasy-Rollenspiele, Studies about Fantasy Roll Playing Games (sources listed are in multiple languages)
  32. Digital Scriptorium, an online archive of medieval illuminated manuscripts with special emphasis on their artwork
  33. Free Online Language Courses, primers for 100+ languages
  34. Retronaut, photos and other media from history
  35. Comics and Popular Arts Conference, an event hosted by Dragon*Con
  36. Golem, a journal of religion and monsters
  37. PCA/ACA, the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
  38. FWPCA/ACA, the Far West Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
  39. MAPACA, Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
  40. Midwest PCA/ACA, Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
  41. NEPCA, Northeast Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
  42. OPCA, Oceanic Popular Culture Association
  43. PCASACAS, Popular Culture Association in the South/American Culture Association in the South
  44. SWPCA/ACA, Southwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
  45. PCA/ACA International, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association International
  46. POPCAANZ, Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand
  47. EuPop, European Popular Culture Association
  48. PCAC, Popular Culture Association of Canada (English and French)
  49. IIPC, International Institute of Popular Culture
  50. CBLDF, Comic Books Legal Defense Fund
  51. Project Gutenberg, a site with free ebooks from all manner of fields
  52. Supernatural Studies, a site for the study of representations of the supernatural in media and popular culture
  53. Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, a critical guide to science fiction in all its forms
  54. Browne Popular Culture Library, a repository of pop culture media at Bowling Green State University
  55. The Comics Grid, an open access journal of comics scholarship
  56. SciRP, Scientific Research Publishing presents open access journals in various sciences
  57. Dancecult, a Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture
  58. Bureau Nine, a group of dedicated Honorverse fans who share their real world expertise with author David Weber
  59. Internet History Sourcebooks Project, an online archive of various documents from Fordham University
  60. Engineering Resources by Best Colleges, info on professional organizations, open source journals, and other online portals for starting students and established professionals
  61. …?  Tell us about your favorite resource for fandom and neomedia research


Neither A-Kon nor FANS nor any of their subsidiaries or partners guarantees in any way the above-listed sites.  They are posted here for informational purposes only.  All information, opinions, and other content are solely those of the original posters.

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