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FANS Military Studies

FANS is happy to announce the formation of a Military Studies Committee. Its mission is to apply the goals of the FANS Association, to encourage, assist, and publish research on fandom and neomedia studies, as it relates to the military. This group will look at representations of all aspects of military operations as depicted in fiction as well as how fiction has affected war in the real world. We will also examine how pop culture has affected the military and how the military has affected pop culture and everyday life. All geographic regions and eras are eligible as field of study.

Successful submissions will make the author eligible to present at the FANS Conference and for publication in our journal, The Phoenix Papers (ISSN: 2325-2316).

This group will be responsible for encouraging and soliciting contributions to the journal and conference. Contributions may come from anyone, with or without military experience. All submissions must adhere to our Style Guide.

The committee is accepting applications for membership. To qualify, one must be active duty, reserve, retired, national guard, or the spouse or widow of a person in one of those groups, or have a background in military studies. Those who meet these qualifications from all nations are welcome to apply. Please include links to any relevant published or edited works.

For questions or to join, please see the Contact Us page.

Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Daniel Slater and Jeffrey MacHott

Subcommittee Members: Calvin Ballenger and J. Holder Bennett


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